100% Natural Antlers for dogs

100% Natural Antlers for dogs

Here at Staglers we hold our eco-sustainability to heart and take the happiness of all our customers and their dogs seriously. We are very considerate of not only how you feel about our service but also our sustainability.


How we get our hands on our antlers:

Our antlers are 100% natural and hand picked and cut by me so you know you can trust where we get them from. Deer naturally shed there antlers when it starts getting warm and it tends to coincide with their breeding season we pick the antlers off the ground so that no harm comes to these deer so there is no need to worry about harming them.


Are Antlers Healthy for Dogs?

The answer is yes! Antlers are extremely healthy for your furry friends not only does it clean their teeth but it can also improve bite force and bone rigidity so yes they are very healthy for them and you have nothing to worry about there has been many scientific studies done before to ensure the safety of your dogs before we give them the antlers.

How do we know what size to give our dog?

like dogs antlers come in many different shapes and sizes so we cut them down to make it easier for your dog to get to grips with. if you still need help deciding we have a very helpful size guide chart that will allow you to choose the correct dog chew for your furry friends.

Staglers dog size chart